Are You Looking To Get the Competitive Edge In Business and Life?

Let me ask you 5 quick questions…

  1. Are you someone who is struggling and recognizes that you need some help in order to “right the ship” and start moving forward again?
  2. Are you someone who has plateaued, but you know deep down inside that there’s a whole new level for you to get to but you don’t know how to begin?
  3. Perhaps you’re a High-Performer or someone who has already achieved a phenomenal level of success in your life, but you know that there’ an even more extraordinary life out there waiting for you?
  4. Are you someone who wants to have More Income, More Impact, and More Time Freedom to do the things you love and truly live a phenomenal life?
  5. Are you someone who knows that investing in yourself is the #1 thing that can help you to skyrocket your success and achieve all of your dreams and goals?

Well, if that sounds like you, then you’re definitely in the right place as Trevor McGregor Coaching was designed for people just like you who are committed to a healthier, wealthier, more abundant, more fulfilling, more passionate, and more purpose driven life.

Do these sound familiar?

  • You’re having trouble growing your business or doing more deals
  • You aren’t making the money you know you could be making?
  • You’re working harder and harder, yet your results don’t show it?
  • You’re always pressed for time and there’s not enough hours in the day?
  • You’re someone who is constantly comparing your success with others and feeling bad about it?

Well if you answered YES to all of those, you’re not alone.

After doing over 30,000 Coaching Sessions, Group Trainings, leading Mastermind Group and working with and for, the legend himself – Tony Robbins, Trevor has had a unique opportunity to see what works best in terms of helping clients “Skyrocket their Success” through Coaching and Mentoring.

What’s been unique, is that he had learned that different people, need different levels of Coaching and as such, he’s created multiple ways to work together to transform people faster than they ever thought possible.

He does this by getting clarity on what you want, what’s preventing you from having it, and then “Co-Creating” a Roadmap, a Recipe or a Blueprint to help you not only get there, but explode your results, FASTER than you ever thought possible!

“Coach Trevor McGregor has been a ‘Life Changer’ for me and my Real Estate Investment business. Before I worked with Trevor, I owned 4 single-family homes. Fast forward to today, I control over 10,000 apartment units and have 1 Billion Dollars’ worth of real estate under management!

Trevor also helped me to create an award-winning Real Estate Podcast and launch it on iTunes, write two Real Estate Books and sell them on Amazon, AND he inspired me to grow my Best Ever Brand by putting on incredible conferences. It has truly changed my life (and my bank account). I simply wouldn’t have achieved this level of success if it weren’t for Trevor.”

Joe Fairless Investor & Entrepreneur

How it all works…

The first thing we do is: Get rid of any Old Story or Limiting Beliefs that are holding you back.

Second, we get crystal clear on what you want, why you want it and then develop the Strategic Business Plan to get there.

Third, we create Systems for Support, and make sure that you’ve go the right skill set, the right people, the right technology to help you achieve all of your outcomes.

Fourth, we do a deep dive into Time Management so that we can get clear on what you need to stop doing, so that you can start doing what we call “Urgent and Important” tasks.

And finally, we help you to Execute on everything, while Holding You Accountable AND making sure we have Benchmarks to Measure your success.

In fact, here’s just a few of the other things you’ll learn in the program:

  • How to Increase Revenue
  • How to Properly Set and Achieve Your Goals
  • How to Improve Your Leadership Skills
  • How to Develop More Resilience
  • How to Create Better Systems
  • How to Master Time Management
  • How to Make Better Decisions
  • How to Scale Up the Ladder of Success
  • And more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which Coaching Package is right for me?
Let’s jump on a Free Discovery Call and talk about where you’re at, where you want to go and what’s preventing you from getting there. From that point, we’ll have a much better idea to support what’s best for you!

Do you guarantee your clients’ success?
Again, after doing 30,000 Coaching Sessions and working with people from around the globe…and…after being a high level Real Estate Investor for 20 years, I know a thing or two about success. And the truth is, if you double down on what we talk about, and do the high impact / high income things we talk about, success is just around the corner for you at any level you desire.

How do the coaching sessions work?
Again, this is One-to-one Coaching with Trevor directly and not some program where you get “farmed out” to another junior coach. Further to that, depending on what Coaching Package you choose, the program is customizable to what you need to achieve phenomenal levels of mindset and physical success! It’s usually a combination of weekly and bi-weekly Coaching sessions that work on specific outcomes on every call, in order to you to immediately implement and take action on, after every session.

Coaching & Mentoring Packages

Fast Start Package

This is a 3-month Coaching Journey where we laser in on the biggest obstacles and challenges you are having and get to the root of what’s holding you back. From there, we devise the road map and the plan to get you moving again and get you back on the path to make immediate changes in your business and your life.

Momentum Package

This is a 6-month Coaching Journey where we take a look at what’s working and what’s NOT working, so that we can methodically, give you the tools, the strategies and the distinctions you need to re-tool and start putting the plan into place, and then hold you accountable to the execution as well. Note that this is the most “popular program” as 6-months seems to be the “sweet spot” that allows people to come in and get what they need, and go out there and apply it with tremendous clarity and confidence.

Masters Package

This is where we commit to each other for a full year in order to really focus on what you want, why you want it, what’s preventing you from having it, and then start putting the pieces of the puzzle to get it so that you can achieve phenomenal levels of success both personally and professionally. It’s in this program that we go deep and get very intimate in order to give you the Coaching and Mentoring you need to change for optimal success.

Melanie Bajrovic
Entrepreneur & Investor

“Trevor helped me to discover my purpose. Before working with Trevor, I felt lost and confused. I was in a very tough spot in my life. He gave me the power to see all of the possibilities available to me, and understand my true capabilities, my strengths, and talents, and find my deeper purpose in life. He helped me overcome the obstacles that were standing in the way of achieving my goals and living a deeply fulfilling life doing work I love.

Fast forward to today, I am an entrepreneur, speaker, author, real estate investor, educator, and philanthropist. I’ve become an unshakable optimist for helping others live the life they are meant to live.

I have expanded and grown so much since working with Trevor. I will be forever grateful for all his encouragement and support, and for holding me accountable and being in my corner every step of the way to become the person I am today.”

Let’s Get Started!

Again, after doing 30,000 Coaching Calls with people from all walks of life, from many different countries, many different cultures, there are 2 things that I find that really set them apart from average people.

The first one is: DESIRE. They have a dream on their heart to go out there and make an impact and an income that gives them and their family the chance to live an incredible life.

And the second one is: HUNGER. They know that in order to move forward in life, they MUST stay Hungry and they must build the mental muscle to go out there each and every day to make things happen physically.

So let me ask you…

What is it that YOU truly DESIRE in this lifetime? How HUNGRY are YOU right now?

Well with all of that said, I’m truly looking forward to meeting you in person and commencing our journey together! Here’s to Your Success in Business, Real Estate and Life!

Best regards,
Coach Trevor (Coach T.)